Shipping and Delivery

Welcome to our shipping delivery policy for our website. We hope that this allows you to learn a bit more about how we operate when it comes to getting our products to our customers. If you have any additional questions then please contact us directly regarding this.

Electric vehicle shipping and delivery

FREE International Shipping!

Here at Electric Transport Direct, we believe that the price you see advertised on our product pages is the final price that you should pay – and there should be no hidden extra charges.

This is why we have completely abolished shipping fees on our website. It doesn’t matter whether your purchase is going somewhere in the UK or International, shipping to you is FREE and 100% ON US!

Extended Delivery Times explained & Why

For customer safety and integrity, we do not keep 1000 of items in dead stock in our warehouse.

After making your purchase with, your order will be individually processed, assembled (staff will hand assemble your item), and then all aspects and individual components will be both quality and safety checked. We aim to complete our exhaustive process as fast as we possibly can.

Why we do this…

We are very proud to be different to those other “Cookie cutter” suppliers of electric vehicle-related products in that each order is assembled for our customers after they have purchased. This enables us to be able to fully safety check each item.

Each item we sell, after being assembled undergoes a 31 point safety check before we mark it as being ‘safe’ and sent id on it’s way to you.

Battery safety checks

We as a company take the safety of the batteries within our vehicles very seriously indeed.

It’s because of this that we check the condition & safety of each products electric battery before it even leaves us.

It also allows us to be able to cater to any individual requirements.

As a responsible & ethical company, for your safety & our security, we do need to take these extra safety measures which do add some extra time on to when you will receive your order, but we feel this is a necessary step to take.

Electric transportation vehicle delivery UK