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Welcome to Electric Transport Direct

We are proud to be the Web’s #1 International Supplier of all the best Electric Transportation Vehicles

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Welcome, we are Electric Transport Direct, the UKs number 1 international suppliers of Premium Electric transportation vehicles of all different types and sizes.

We are proud to be the fastest-growing certified online store to buy the latest in ‘sit and stand on-to-ride’  Electric battery-powered vehicles (increasingly being called ‘Electric Rideables’) to suit all budgets, tastes and requirements.

Be sure to Live-Chat with a member of our staff if you require any assistance.

Home of: High-Powered Electric Bicycles, e-Bikes, battery-powered scooters MotorBikes and Hoverboards

We consider ourselves to be one of the most forward-thinking electric transportation companies, and so are able to offer our customers the widest & most current range of Electric Bicycles, Electric Scooters, Battery-powered Hoverboard Smart wheels, Electric skateboards and so much more.

We invite you to browse and purchase from our ever-expanding range of electric transportation. You can take advantage of our FREE World-Wide Shipping – which means NO extra surprise shipping costs are added on to the cost of our items during the final stages of checkout with us here on our website.

We make it super easy to place your order with us.

Every electric vehicle we sell has been certified and passed the most stringent of Safety and durability test, so ensure that our customers recieve only the safest and very best electric vehicles that are avaliable today.

This month BEST Buy!…

All our Electric Transportation Vehicles are... Crazy-Cool! Powered by just YOU and Electricity! Rechargeable by mains electricity power Great news for the environment Safety & Quality tested to the Highest UK standards!

Buy the best & most unusual Electric Transportation Vehicles available online!…

We are super-proud of the fact that you will find here on our website electric transport and vehicles that you just won’t find elsewhere

Electric tricycle ride on vehicle

Electric Battery-Powered Tricycles

A unique Range of three-wheeled electric vehicles for sale that you won’t find anywhere else.

Electric tron 2 front wheel electric motor cycle e-Bike

Electric Tron Motor Cycle

This one looks as if we have pulled it right out of a sci-fi movie!…. Get ready for electric transport for sale that you just will not find elsewhere!

Solo one wheel motorcycle for for sale

Electric Uni-MotorCycles

It’s just like a Unicycle but with a motorbike seat. You will wonder just how is it possible to actually ride the electric Unicycle – but it is!

Electric motorcycle ride on electric motor bike e-Bike

Electric Uni-MotorCycles

They look just like traditional Motorcycles, but are all electric with NONE of the traditional noise or air pollution. View our Electric Motor Bikes for sale.

Trike electric harley scooter for sale to buy

Electric Harley Tricycle scooters

Some of our electric vehicles look as if we have put them right out of a sci-fi movie!…. Get ready for electric vehicles like you have never seen before.

Low rider electric sit down to ride electric scooter for sale

Low Rider electric scooter

The lowest of the Low!…. welcome to our unique range of ‘low-rider’ electric scooters that feature a lower center of gravity and are designed to get you as close to the floor (and action) as is possible!

Why order from Electric Transport Direct?

We vet and stock ONLY the very Best in Electric transport. We assemble quality check, then ship our products to you – WorldWide!

Electric Transport Direct are a company that retails all forms of electric transport. We are very proud to also ship our premium electric vehicles all over the world.

Our catalog is vast, so please grab yourself a beverage as you browse our range. We also go above and beyond to ensure that our products are the safest fully verified and quality assured electric ride-on transport on the planet.

Quality & Safety Assured

We also go above and beyond to ensure that our electric transportation vehicles are the safest fully safety certified to the best UK standards, verified and quality assured electric ride-on transport on the planet. Others may be cheaper, but are their products safe??

Our electric product Range
We are proud to stock the best and widest range of: Electric Bicycles, Electric Scooters, Electric Hover Boards (electric smart wheels), Electric Skate Boards, Electric, motorbikes, scooters and mopeds.

Featured Electric Mountain Bicycles (e-Bikes)…

These electric bicycles allow you to combine the go anywhere attitude  of a mountain bike with the assistance of an electric motor.  Our growing range of Electric Mountain Bicycles provides you with a range of attractive fully-capable options, including the option to have super-light Carbon Fiber frames, disk brakes and so much more of the modern features you would expect to find on a mountain bike.

Featured Folding & Mini Electric Bicycles…

Save space and increase portability with our exciting range of Folding Electric Bicycles. Take them on public transport with you and even up to the office – the possibilities are endless!…

Featured Electric Mopeds & Scooters…

We are proud to have the most exciting range of ride-on electric scooters for sale at the best prices you will find anywhere online for comparable items!

Featured Electric SkateBoards…

Give your ‘pushing leg’ a rest with our exciting range of battery-powered electric SkateBoards for sale. Whether you buy one for your self, or you purchase for a family member/loved one, an electric SkateBoard really is a great way to get around. Shop electric Skate Boards.

Featured Electric HoverBoard Smart Balancing Wheels…

We are proud to have the most exciting range of ride-on electric scooters for sale at the best prices you will find anywhere online for comparable items!

Shop accessories & Safety Equipment for Electric Transportation …

Safety Gear – Helmets, Pads etc

Stay safe as you enjoy your new electric transportation with our wide range of safety gear.

Buy cycling accessories and gadgets for sale

e-Bike conversion Kits

Use these e-Bike conversion kits as a very affordable way to convert your existing bicycle into an Electric Bike.

Buy e-Bike conversion kits for sale

Replacement Spare Parts

In need of a spare battery or another replacement part for your electric vehicle? If yes, then just look here…

Shop for spare electric vehicle parts direct

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Just a few great reasons to shop with us…

HIGHEST Quality Materials!

That old adage that says: “You get what you pay for”?….. It’s so true, especially when it comes to Electric products containing batteries.

Cheaper will almost always mean lower quality materials that could be a higher fire risk.

We have struck that perfect balance between High-quality materials & an affordable price. Choose right, choose Electric Transport Direct!

FREE World-Wide Shipping

Few things are more annoying than seeing a price of an item and then finding that it changes at checkout.

Where ever you may be around the world, we welcome you to become a valued customer with us. We are super-proud to ship our electric transport internationally.

24 Bit SSL Secured Shopping

It can be a real worry and even dangerous if you purchase electric products from the wrong supplier. We quality test ALL our products before they leave our warehouse.

Excellent Customer Service

There is one thing we believe in giving to each and every one of our customers, that actually costs us nothing extra to provide – and that is excellent customer service!….. This is something that is the foundation of every thing that we do.