Electricity is the Future

If you have been watching the news recently then you will have no doubt heard the BIG news that:

“ALL petrol and diesel engines will be banned from UK roads (and being sold in the UK) by the year 2040!”

The UK government have finally decided to act and take action against these ‘enemies of the environment’ by announcing these plans and allowing the public as well as industries that rely on the petrol & diesel car industry ample time to be able to slowly but surely make the switch over to electric modes of transportation.

Changes are already happening!

The year 2040 may seem like a long way away still, but many Petrol and Diesel car manufacturers (including Volvo) have already announced when they will be releasing their range of all-electric vehicles, with others even currently offering ‘scrappage’ schemes for those willing to trade in their petrol or diesel vehicle for a new electric car.

Ready to get your electric transportation yet?…

The reality is that whether the world likes it or not, whether we are ready for it or not:

Electricity IS the FUTURE!

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UK is to ban all petrol and diesel engines by the year 2040

Count down to 2040 petrol and Diesel ban!

Count down to 2040 petrol and diesel ban