Electric Battery Safety & care advice

With every electric battery comes great responsibility!

Knowing how to correctly look after and maintain the electric battery within your electric transport will help to prolong it’s life as well as keeping your safe.

The basics of good electric battery care

Contrary to popular belief, the battery within your electric vehicle is not one big battery. It’s actually several smaller batteries that are laid next to each other and bound in such a way as to be able to increase the overall power output of the battery as a whole. If just one of these internal batteries corrodes, leaks or overheats, then this can lead to the early failure of the entire battery pack.

Safest electric ride in on vehicles for safe to buy

Use only the supplied charger

As a responsible seller of electric transportation vehicles, we strongly recommend that you ONLY use the charger that actually came with the e-vehicle that you purchased from us. If you have lost this, then please get in touch with us as soon as possible and we will be able to supply you with a new charger that is correct for your vehicle.

WARNING: Even if a universal charger correctly fits the input pins on your electric vehicle, this does not mean that it will safely charge your vehicle. You risk your batteries overheating, and even starting a fire if you ignore this warning! It’s just NOT WORTH IT!

DO NOT take apart the battery pack

The batteries contained within electric transportation vehicles are safe as long as they remain sealed within their casings. You should never attempt to tamper with or ‘fix’ a battery pack that you may assume to be faulty. Should you suspect a fault with your battery, then, please Contact us and we will aim to assist you as soon as we possibly can with this issue.

DO NOT place batteries near an open flame or allow purposefully overheating

Yout vehicles batteries may become warm to the touch during normal operational use – and this is both fine and expected – and is usually nothing for you to be concerned about.

You should never purposefully place batteries on/near a naked flame or a hot surface. Doing so greatly increases the risk of the batteries being outside the range of safe operating temperature and greatly increases the chances of batteries overheating, being damaged or even exploding!