UK announces An end to petrol and Diesel engines by the year 2040

Uk government announces an End to Patrol and Diesel Engines by 2040

Petrol and Diesel engines to be illegal in the UK by the year 2040

That time has finally come. The time when the UK government (as well as numerous other governments around the world) has finally decided to take action against what they consider to be a major cause of many of the environmental and health issue that the modern world faces on a daily basis – by making a commitment to completely remove polluting vehicles from Britains roads by the year 2040.

For a long time now governments have seemed to just ignore these glaringly obvious environmental issues caused by pollution – but not anymore.

The days of high-pollution petrol and Diesel engines really are numbered for the UK in particular. And the count-down has begun to the time when petrol and Diesel engines will no longer be allowed on Britains roads.

The polluting problem

It’s not at all the case that vehicles are the only source of pollution that the world needs to deal with. But one thing is for sure… petrol and diesel-powered motor vehicles are one of the most heavily polluting culprits of modern day living, and now the British government has finally decided to take steps towards doing something about this.

What’s been said and what it means

Now let’s go for exactly what’s been said by the UK government and what this means for business and individuals.

What has been said by the UK government

In short, the UK government has given car manufacturers and those within the car industry until the year 2040 to “clean up their act” or face legal prosecution.

After the year 2040, Petrol and Diesel powered vehicles will no longer be legal to be sold in the UK, nor driven on the UKs roads.

What it means to you and me

What it means for business

The solution

Electricity is generally seen to be the most likely replacement solution to the worlds current heavy reliance on fossil fuels. The UK, in particular, knows that and so has announced a multi-million-pound investment in electric transportation vehicles

How to make an electric e vehicle UK road legal

How to make an Electric scooter e-Bike UK Street legal

In this article, we will be taking a look in more detail at how to make a custom electric vehicle legal to be ridden on UK roads.

The average buyer of an electric vehicle (also called ‘EVs’) such as an electric bicycle, electric scooter or even an electric skateboard usually just wants to jump straight on to their new purchase and start having fun. They may not even realise that if their electric vehicle is over a certain wattage of power, then it may not actually be legal to be ridden on the UK’s public roads & highways  – without first obtaining the correct legal paperwork, insurance and other documentation for it.

This article should be a real eye-opener for you as we delve deeper into this murky area of the law with a view to clarifying what you can and can’t do with your electric vehicle, as well as the steps you’ll need to take to make a high-powered vehicle road-legal in the UK.

Why make an electric vehicle road legal?

Current UK law regarding electric vehicles

The UK, in general, is taking steps towards boosting the use of electric vehicles within the UK.

Current UK law, as it stands prohibits you from riding any super-high-powered electric vehicles (as well as other forms of electric transportation) on the public roads without first at least purchasing (all the usual things you would need to be able to drive a car) insurance, vehicle tax and obtaining a number plate for your electric transport.

What’s required to make an e-vehicle road legal