All about Electric Vehicles

Welcome to this page that will aim to teach you all you could ever wish to know about electric vehicles.  Once you are fully clued up, you can feel free to go ahead and purchase your electric vehicle with us.

So what are electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles are quite simply a relatively new type of transportation that instead of being powered by petrol or diesel engine, are instead powered by an electric motor that is in turn powered by several batteries.

Types of Electric transportation vehicles

There are several different types of electric vehicles that all come under the ‘umbrella’ of being an electric vehicle. So let’s take a look at a few of these in more detail…

Electric Bicycles (also commonly called eBikes)

Electric Bicycles are currently one of the most common & fastest-growing forms of electric transportation vehicles. There are also a wide and ever-growing range of electric bicycles for sale on the market. These include Electric Mountain Bicycles as well as Folding electric Bikes.

Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters are another very popular form of an electric transportation vehicle.

Electric HoverBoard Smart wheels

Ever since the “Back to the future” movie, people have wanted to be able to ‘Hover’, and electric HoverBoards (or electric smart wheels) are just about the closest thing that we are going to get to this actually becoming a reality (for now at least).

They allow you to stand one, and with just a slight forward or rear leaning motion, they will propel you forward – enabling you to feel as if you are hovering in mid-air – hence the name ‘HoverBoard’.

HoverBoards are currently avaliable from us in a range of different wheel sizes.

Ten inch tire ride on electric battery powered scooter vehicle for sale